Sunday, March 27, 2011

running in circles

jacket, PIKO 1988 via pleather shorts, WILFRED. blouse, JACOB. boots, ZARA. bra, UO. necklace, BANANA REPUBLIC. bag, unlabeled.
photos by Rosanna

I feel that the first photo should be the poster for the movie Orphan as I have mastered the demon-possessed, 'I want to hurt you' look and the fact that there's a "cross" aligned perfectly perpendicular above my head. haha. Rosanna and I found a great new location to shoot this week and we're so excited about it because there's so much more to explore there. Wearing almost everything new in this outfit. The faux leather shorts feel as soft as real leather and the jacket looks as chic as it keeps me cozy. I bought the satchel last time I visited Hong Kong and it is one of my greatest cheap finds :) Hope you all enjoyed this very much delayed outfit post and more to come as the weather is finally catching up with the season.

Friday, March 25, 2011



One of the chinese traditions I was brought up with was to always wear new shoes in the new year, which was symbolic to stepping into a good year. Given that it's only March and I've already gained 5 new additions to my collection, I could only hope that it will put me 5 steps ahead of the game. Showing 3/5 I bought and the Jeffrey Campbell's X-ON wedges are my new favorites. They give me the height yet surprisingly beyond comfortable to walk in :) And yes, those are cherry blossoms in the background...I can't wait until spring officially lands in Vancouver. Hope you are all just as excited as I am!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Have been quite uninspired lately so I apologize for the lack of my existence. I am, however, loving the femininity and sophistication that these looks perpetrate. Promise to have a proper outfit post soon (once it stops raining in Vancouver :) Have a lovely weekend!