Sunday, November 13, 2011

my stache

coat, TOPSHOP. t-shirt, ELEVEN PARIS. skinnies, ACNE. shoes, SAN MARINA.
photos by Rosanna

Quite some time ago, one of my favorite followers asked what was my definition of effortless chic. It's always been on the back of my mind to dedicate a post in reply to her and I think this outfit might just answer the question. To be honest, effortless chic to me is really just a sugar-coated denomination of lazy days x androgynous. That said, my version never leaves the timeless staples: a classic graphic t-shirt, fitted black skinnies, simply-structured coat, feminine heels and a mandatory incorporation of leather. Here, I'm wearing a few items from my stash I had brought back from Europe and this Parisian t-shirt has to be my favorite purchase. Still in the process of sorting and editing the thousands of pictures I took on my excursion so photo diary still to come! In the meantime, how are you liking my new banner?

Happy Movember!