Tuesday, October 11, 2011

from Paris, with love

coat, ZARA. skinnies, ACNE. boots, ASOS.
photos by guest photographer Natasha Barr

First off, I must apologize for neglecting my blog for the past few weeks. Don't be mistaken, I haven't disowned fashforward and I will hopefully be back on track once I return from my vacation. Second, I'm (was) in PARIS!! First stop was Barcelona, then Paris and now currently in London for a few more days. I will do a proper photo diary post once I have all my photos uploaded, which may take a while since I brought 3 cameras with me :) In the meantime, hope these pictures will suffice.


  1. Beautiful pics, doll xoxo


  2. FInally an update ;) you look so classic in these photos! xoxo

  3. yay! so excited to seye you blog has been updated!

    love the pics esp. the first one with the fashforward banner, so cute.

    miss you and hope you are having a great time! cant wait to see you when u're back!

  4. these are postcard pictures :)

  5. Welcome back, I was wondering what happened to you.. :) Beautiful pictures, and I love your coat.

  6. Thanks for the photo credits!lol! Had so much fun taking them with you!! Come back soon! xx


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