Sunday, July 10, 2011


skirt and belt, DIY. dress, T by A. WANG. jacket, H&M. shoes, ASOS. sunglasses, RAY BAN. necklaces, Marc by MJ, BR, and F21.
photos by Rosanna

The weather lately has finally warmed up to feel like summer and appropriate enough to wear my sheer DIY maxi skirt. The royal blue hue is perfect for achieving that silhouette effect without exposing too much. This DIY is a lot easier to do than my midi project so I will post a tutorial on it soon! Julys are always busy but especially this year with too much happening at the same time and almost to the point that overwhelming is just an understatement.


  1. I love this skirt! I've actually had something VERY similar hanging on my dress-form waiting to be stitched for a few weeks. Can't wait to see your tutorial for how you went about construction!


  2. Cute outfit! Love the shoes! :)

    Melody x

  3. love the skirt steph :)

  4. your blog is one of my faves. love your diys!!

  5. Love the skirt Steph! So beautiful!


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