Tuesday, May 17, 2011

there's a first for everything

Happy 1st Birthday to fashforward! Remember this photo from my very first post a year ago? Seems like it was just yesterday I started this blog...time sure flies as you age. Thank you to all my lovely readers and followers [yes, all 16 of you sweethearts :] and of course, my unconditionally supportive friends! My greatest gratitude goes to my partner-in-crime, Rosanna [who's one of the reasons why I started to blog], for never failing to shoot amazing photos for fashforward and holding my hand along the journey of blogging. I heart you all! xox. Feel free to comment on what you like [or not] so far or would like to see on my blog. There's always room for improvement and also because I love reading comments :)

photos by Sherry


  1. Aww you girls look great :)

  2. Congratulations on your blog birthday! :D I know it feels like a really big accomplishment to be able to have a history with your blog. Both you girls look really cute- I love the shoes you're both wearing! x

  3. hey! thanks for your comment on my blog, I am your new follower :)

  4. You two look so adorable. Like your blog, looking forward to seeing more!!


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