Sunday, April 24, 2011

all about me

dress, ASOS. coat, MADE IN THE EARTH. shoes, JEFFREY CAMPBELL. fedora, BCBG. belt, WILFRED. earrings, HIMATSINGKA. socks, unlabeled.

photos by Rosanna

I once read a study that found a positive relationship between the number of times one logs on to facebook per day and the traits of narcissism. Immediately, I can't help but to think of the correlation between blogging and narcissism. Blogs concentrate more on a specific interest as opposed to facebook, which functions more like an outlet of self-promotion; nonetheless, fashion blogs in particular are usually plastered with self-portraits and to some extent, bound to carry more narcissistic traits than any other type of blogs in my opinion. The study also shown that those who have lower self-esteem tend to spend more time on facebook. Similarly, blogging can sometimes work as an ego-booster for those who seek recognition and in a way, a popularity contest just like most social media actually. It would be interesting to see the results if the same study was conducted on fashion bloggers. Something I think about in my down time: do fashion bloggers attain more narcissistic qualities or/and lower self-esteem than others? Thoughts? If there was such thing as a low self-esteemed narcissist, I think I am one. haha :)

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!
Next up, another DIY post!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

animal instinct

top, ASOS. skirt, H&M. shoes, DOLCE VITA. jewelery, CLUB MONACO, F21, and Unlabeled.
photos by Rosanna

I can't seem to remember the last time I wore a maxi skirt but I think it was in grade 5 when I made my mom buy me one to wear to a friend's birthday party. My mom still brings up this story from time to time and it's one of those vivid childhood memories that will stay with me forever. Lately I've been obsessed with midi-maxi skirts and they're definitely a spring/summer staple. I don't know what triggered it but perhaps the girly girl has finally overthrown the androgynous side of me. This weekend I've been working on a relevant DIY project. So excited to share with you all! Stay tuned for it :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spring crops

blouse, DIY. pants, WILFRED. shoes, JEFFREY CAMPBELL. belt, F21.
photos by Rosanna

As promised, an outfit post in my latest DIY project. Enjoy and have a lovely week!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

make the cut

photos via and

Have been seeing many bluntly cropped tops lately while browsing through my usual favorite online stores. The unconventional length of a business casual button-down particularly struck to me. So I thought I'll make my own, with a slight twist. Just follow the 4 easy steps below to one of this spring's trends. I will do an outfit post in it soon :)

Materials: plain button-down shirt and assortment of buttons

1. Measure the length of your desire.
2. Pin and cut accordingly [I wanted the front to be shorter so I purposely left the back 2 inches longer].
3. Sew the hems.
4. Remove the original buttons and replace each of them with different hand-picked buttons.
5. And there, you have your own one of a kind cropped dress shirt!