Friday, October 22, 2010

stud it yourself II

top, SILENCE AND NOISE + DIY. skirt, H&M. clutch, CLUB MONACO.
photos by Rosanna

I thought it was funny when I showed my mom this DIY top, she said it reminded her of Elvis. Then I took a second look at it and thought to myself "heh, she's right." haha. Studding is probably one of the easiest forms of DIYs and not to mention the endless possibilities our creativity could bring us. When I first saw this blouse, I knew that it would be the perfect 'stud it yourself' project. I always feel that studs automatically put the cool factor to any garment. There's really nothing fancy needed here, just a plain top, vast amount of studs, and a sprinkle of imagination :) Vision the pattern before starting because there's no room for mistakes [the teeth of the studs will leave holes]! Read my previous DIY post for more ideas.

tip: Studs could get really heavy, especially with the 200+ I've used, so make sure to pick a thicker fabric to avoid it from scrunching.

Sending lots of love to Australia this weekend! Happy Birthday to my baby sister! XOXO :)


  1. The studs definately spice up the shirt :)
    and 200+ studs? Wow!

  2. wow that shirt is rockin, i love it! great job!

  3. wow 200 studs? did it take a long time..i love it! awesome pics, pretty blouse and amazing views :)

  4. wow you look hot in the first photo! great project steph, it turned out so nicely! btw, how much was the blouse?

  5. Thanks everyone :)

    I bought the blouse on sale for $10, which also comes in black, and the studding took me about 4-5 hours.


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