Friday, October 8, 2010

days are long and year is short

pants, WILFRED. top, H&M. scarf, FENDI. shoes, ZARA.
photos by Rosanna

I was talking to an old friend last week and we reached a consensus that it takes a lot more for us to be entertained, amused, and just generally happy as we get older. I guess it's because when we were young and inexperienced with no stress and worries to weigh us down, we had the luxury of hyping over things that may seem now as 'no big deal.' In exchange [ironically], I have also grown to be more attentive to the little details in life that I probably have neglected and overlooked when I was young. Thus, I made a list. A list of stuff that never fails to put a smile on my face and just simply makes me that much happier and more appreciative. What's on your list?

1. songs I can relate to
2. seeing elderly couples hold hands
3. laughing to the point that I cry
4. catching up with an old friend and realizing that nothing has changed [in the best way possible]
5. Safeway custard-filled cakes and Big City Cupcakes
6. epiphanies [and I like the sound of the word]
7. the anticipation and countdown to a vacation
8. the comforting symbolism behind a Starbucks vanilla latte
9. new comments/followers on my blog [wink wink]
10. first sip of coffee in the morning
11. my Tiffany interlocking circles ring [which serves a much more important and deeper meaning than just an accessory]
12. a sign on my desk that reads "sometimes the one you think is your knight in shining armour, is just a retard in foil."

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

BIG birthday shout out to my lovely photographer Rosanna. Hope you will always stay happy, gorgeous, and fashforward.
much love :)


  1. AWW :')..THANK YOU!! I love you too!
    Totaly feeling your post today :) and #1,3,&4!!

    See you tonight!

  2. Haaa, I love your #12 :)

    I would say having a favourite food always makes me happier. Like eating ketchup chips and licking the ketchup off my fingers after :)

    Beautiful photos as usual. Great post Steph! XOXO

  3. New comments make me happy too and pretty much any sweet food like cupcakes lol. :)

  4. loveee vanilla latte!!!
    agree with #11 :)
    keep up the good work hunnie!!

  5. I love your top and scarf combination. So pretty together!


Thanks for the comment!