Monday, September 13, 2010

the sky is our limit

tank, WILFRED. shirt, TALULA. pants, AA. belt and necklace, H&M.
photos by Rosanna

There's nothing more appropriate to end the summer than to share with you my captures with the gorgeous Vancouver summer sky. As much as I am unwilling to welcome the season of gloom, dry skin, and sun-deprivation, I am more than excited to reunite with layering, knee-high boots, and heavy wool sweaters :) Thanks to my tech-savvy friend Eric for helping me out with the new banner, or else it would have probably taken me triple the time to do it! How do you guys like it?


  1. So beautiful! The photography and horizon line with the road is stunning!

    And you are ROCKING those pants!

  2. love the banner, and the third photo! these are done in Vancouver? may i ask where?

  3. Thanks! xx

    These pictures were taken in Richmond, it's the road to Iona Beach by the airport :) It's one of my favourite photography locations!

  4. I like this!

    x Mathilde


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