Monday, July 12, 2010

faith is like love: neither can be forced

t-shirt and shoes, ZARA. skirt, SILENCE AND NOISE. watch, MICHAEL KORS. jewelery, TIFFANY & CO, CLUB MONACO, H&M, and FOREVER 21. unlabeled bag.
photos by Rosanna

I know I've worn this t-shirt before but its versatility just amazes me. I tend to drive away from graphics but this top is definitely an exception that goes straight to my list of summer favourites. This skirt is slightly out of my character as I haven't owned anything this bright with such a wide spectrum of colours for as long as I can remember; yet, I like the fact that it reminds me of retro-looking curtain patterns. July has been pretty sweet to me thus far :) First, the weather heats up in Vancouver and I must say, I'm a much happier person under the sun - I think I might be mildly diagnosed with SAD. Then, fashforward was featured in Couture Magazine, which I am still ecstatic about!

Countdown: birthday in 8 days
LA in 16 days


  1. I wear that Tiffany ring everyday =)

  2. Love your personal style and accessories!

    Would love if you would checkout my blog- I'm verryyy new at this and just getting started!


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