Sunday, June 20, 2010

get tanned

[left to right] pants, AMERICAN APPAREL. blazer, ZARA. top, WILFRED. shorts, ZARA. skirt, CENTRAL PARK WEST.

At last, I have found the perfect pleated trousers! I've been on a search for a pair of carrot/paper bag pants for a while but they always seem to fit more like a garbage bag on me. As I was on the verge of giving up, I stumbled upon a pair at AA the other day that fits me well from the waist to hips to length. I find myself shopping for a lot of tan/beige pieces lately. Maybe it's my mission impossible to naturally get a tan [trust me, I've tried...even spending a week on a beach in Sabah didn't work] that have seemingly and subconsciously led me to develop such a craze for this particular shade...? Just a thought.


  1. yay i can comment! thanks for changing it :) i love tan pants, though i don't have any! it looks cute with a striped shirt.

  2. Those pleated trousers look very comfy. They will look good with any light-colored top, but it would look perfect with that blazer and lace blouse pairing.


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