Sunday, June 27, 2010

life is a blur

dress and socks, H&M. denim shirt, TNA. boyfriend blazer, WILFRED. boots, DOLLHOUSE. necklace, BANANA REPUBLIC.
photos by Rosanna

Wearing my favorite blazer; love that it's double breasted with two large side pockets and not to mention that it's black! Just something simple and easy I threw on, though I must say I was quite cold by the end of the shoot. Rosanna and I were feeling adventurous that night so we decided to take some night shots for a change as we are still in the exploration stage with our cameras [and this whole photography and blogging thing]. We excitedly hunted for a good location at 12:30am in hopes to experiment with the cool effects of night light only to realize that I had forgotten the plate for my tripod [yet another many stupid moments of mine lately]. Hence, the blurry quality of the pictures; nonetheless, no thanks to the tripod, still a very neat turnout of the photos given the inevitable hand-shakiness and limited lighting we had to work with.


  1. love the stripes and with both the denim shirt and black blazer!! so street chic!:D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Nice touch with the vignetting :)


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